Support ID: Not usable at the moment.

Support video: Enter a YouTube video ID.

The video will be displayed on each site that is being edited for the first time.

Enter "none" to hide the video.

Support URL: A URL with the contact support form. Users can reach this page through the editor – Help > Contact support.

Enter "none" to hide.

Knowledge center URL: A URL with a tutorial or manual. Users can reach this page through the editor – Help > Knowledge Center.

Enter "none" to hide.

Intercom ID: Integrate Intercom's chat support within the builder. Please see the following article for instructions:

Zendesk ID: Connect your Zendesk account to the builder.

Crisp Chat ID: Integrate Crisp Chat within the builder. The ID can be found on Crisp API.

Contact Support Action: This will decide what happens when a user clicks on Help -> Contact Support. You can direct the user the Support URL or open Intercom support.

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