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Accessing Your BlueSnap Account
Accessing Your BlueSnap Account
Need to access your BlueSnap account to update your billing information? Here's how to do that.
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If you need to access your billing account - to update billing information or otherwise - please follow the following steps:  

3. Fill out the information to receive a password reset email from BlueSnap (also called Plimus, so it may come from a Plimus email address). 

  • The Order ID is the order reference number, found in your initial invoice. 

  • The email address is case sensitive,  please make sure to copy it exactly as it appears in the invoice.  

4. In the Bluesnap password recovery email, you will receive a verification link to reset your account password. Click on it. 

5. Choose a password for your account. 

6. Go back to the login page and use your Order ID and new password to access your billing account. 

Once inside your account you can view all the information of your transactions and make changes if you need to. 

If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the Bluesnap support team at 

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