Search results with URLs that start with your domain name can be controlled from your end using a Webmaster Tools account for your domain. 

Google Webmaster Tools provides you with detailed reports about your website's visibility on Google. It also allows you to manually submit your site for indexing, control the visibility of pages and modify the way your site will be seen on Google search results.

To use Google Webmaster Tools after connecting your site to a domain:

Go to the Webmaster Tools sign-in page:

Click on 'create an account now'. Type in your Google Apps e-mail address and fill in the other info. Once you've verified your e-mail address through your Google Apps account, you can sign in with that e-mail address, which becomes the username. 

To connect this service to your site, after you create an account, you can go to Settings--> Pro and add the Meta tag you receive from Google for verification in the info field "Head Tags". Then click on Publish and continue the verification process.

To get your site's sitemap

In IM Creator your sitemap is generated automatically to improve SEO results. To get your sitemap:

1. Go to your main URL or domain. 

2. Add /sitemap.xml after the domain so it appears as '' in the URL bar. Click Enter. 

3. The full sitemap will appear in the browser. You can then copy it. Press Ctrl+A to select all, and then Ctrl+C to copy. 

If you change the site's content and pages the sitemap will change accordingly. 

 See how to submit the sitemap in Webmaster Tools here.

Connecting  Your Domain 

To connect your site to a domain, click PUBLISH > choose a subscription > follow the steps in our wizard to connect it or buy a new domain from us (if you buy a domain from us, we will then email you within 48 hours that the site is up).

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